Organic Hair Growth Essence
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-Made with 100% pure and natural ingredients including
Ginseng, Ginger, and Knotweed
(2-3x speed of hair growth)
-Suitable for both Female and Male
(beard growth as well)
-Rich in nourishing fatty acids and delivers the hair transforming, instant benefits of oil

-Stimulates hair follicles and hair regeneration through its unique, organic formula™
-Immediately improves hair and skin's appearanc and texture
-Anti-oxidant and fragrance-free; rich in Vitamin E to nourish and soothe
-Safe on skin &Dermatologist-Approved
Dhs. 110.00
Dhs. 110.00 Sale
Dhs. 195.00
Our 100% Pure Organic Andrea Hair Growth Essence™ is 100% natural and safe for all types of hair. After application, the oil slowly exfoliates the pores of your scalp, and stops DHT production which the main culprit for hair loss and alopecia. During the process, our 100% Pure Organic Andrea Hair Growth Essence™ removes all toxins built up in your scalp and hair follicles.
Dhs. 110.00 Sale
Dhs. 195.00
Feedback from our customers
Hello! Very much want to share important information. Having convinced on my own experience, I can and I want to tell you dear friends ... There is an excellent tool for hair growth Andrea. The speed of hair growth increases 2-3 times. In addition, the hair becomes strong and beautiful. I am very pleased with the result!
Samanta Stant
Greetings to all. Not so long ago, my stubble grew very irregularly. It looked very much not beautiful. I wondered how to solve this problem, looked for and tried several different options ... And about a month ago I found in the Internet tool (Andrea Organic Hair Growth Essence) just a few weeks and already a noticeable result. I am very glad!
Serge Glumier
Hello. I am glad to share my opinion with you, and I very much hope that my feedback will help you make a choice. My hair was weak and brittle, and tried not 1 remedy. But when I ordered and tried (Andrea Organic Hair Growth Essence) After a couple of weeks, I was convinced of the effectiveness of "Andrea" And I was very glad that my problems were over.
Alexia Finigan
When will i see a diffrence in my hair growing back?
2-3 weeks and you'll start to notice a difference, but for good results we recommend using it for 4-6 month
Do you just wash the affected are with the shampoo mixture or do you apply andrea after shampooing?
The Andrea serum is mixed into the shampoo and you wash your hair normally. Just apply a drop or two to the affected area, massage, and then wash normally.
Can be use daily?
Yes, but preferably 3-4 times a week
How do I use it? What are the steps for Andrea?
Just mix 2-3 drops (3 ml) of Andrea with the amount of shampoo you use for your normal wash, then just wash as normal
Is it safe to use?
Sure, Andrea Essence is made 100% from organic ingredients and safe to use
How can i use it for beard growth?
Andrea essence helped a lot of people to grow fuller and thicker beard. Simply few drops daily to beard area, keep for a while and then wash. Our clients start noticing results after 2-4 weeks of usage
How many should i buy?
Well you will start to see results after 2-3 weeks (which is 1 bottle), however we recommend you to use it full course which is 4-6 month for strong results, for that we have promo package 4 bottles for AED 299 Only
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