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3D Fibers Eyelash
Mascara Lash Enhancer
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The perfect combination of transplanting gel and natural fiber can instantly lengthen your eyelashes by 100%.
At the same time, it is able to give you that special natural look that shows your eyelash having beautiful natural curves.
3D Transplanting Gel. A perfect fit, smooth, comfortable and of best quality. The combination that creates the perfect eyelash.
The formula encompasses the magical gel property that enables you to have perfect make-up for the whole day.
  • Increase lash length
  • Increase lash volume
  • Removes easily with water
  • Contain 2 tubes 1 liquid 1 fibers
  • Gives you appearance of lash extensions
  • Natural Safe Ingredients
Dhs. 119.00 Sale
Dhs. 230.00
Opinion of those who bought:
Sarah Lewin
I use a month. There are no censures. 3D Fibers Eyelash Mascara Lash Enhancer EXTREME VOLUME just super! Great combination, price and quality!
Claire Cincle
Super! At me all girlfriends from job have hardly torn to pieces when have seen my eyelashes, all at once have wanted to learn as it it was possible to me.
Let me like to be the most beautiful at work, but still I shared the sicret with my friends! "3D Fibers Eyelash Mascara Lash Enhancer EXTREME VOLUME" Now it uses all my friends from work!
Leah Thomson
Earlier in college, I was not a little girl at all. But, now in just one month I was interested in so many boys))
My face became more expressive because of the beautiful, long, long eyelashes! All my classmates envy me. I did not skazal from harm for them that I use (3D Fibers Eyelash Mascara Lash Enhancer EXTREME VOLUME)
Dhs. 119.00 Sale
Dhs. 230.00
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3D Fiber Lash Instructions
Instructions for 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Application
Apply Transplanting Gel (longer tube, wet) to your upper eyelashes. Start on one eye and coat the upper lashes with gel by gently wiggling the wand with a side-to-side motion as you go from the base of the lash to the tip.
Gently apply Natural Fibers (short tube, dry) to the upper half of your eyelashes while gel is still wet.
Reapply the Transplanting Gel to set and secure the natural fibers onto your lashes, using the same side-to-side wiggling motion as in step one.
Guaranteed Effect
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